My Journey

“My Journey continues to have many ups and downs, please join me for the ride… and wish me luck!"

Between my first and second birthday, my parents joined Alpine Ski Club in Collingwood and introduced my brothers and I to skiing. My competitive nature quickly made it evident that skiing would be more than casual family bonding. My parents tell me that I was always striving to beat the older competition, especially the boys. I don’t really remember those days, but I do remember when I was about six years old and frustrated by the lack of competitiveness in ski racing, so I asked for a snowboard for Christmas. I stuck with skiing, but I also picked up snowboarding as a hobby and still enjoy it to this day.

When I was 11 years old, I joined the National Ski Academy (NSA) on a summer camp in Switzerland. It was a moving experience for me - That was when I first started thinking... "this could be my life", and before long, I wanted it to be. During 6 amazing years at the NSA, I made friends for life, won provincial and national championships, won races at the Whistler cup and won a silver medal at the Youth Olympics. The NSA even enabled me to graduate high school on time. I will be forever grateful to Jurg Gfeller, Sami Piana and all the amazing teachers, coaches and staff at the NSA for helping me to become who I am today!

After the NSA, I joined the Alpine Canada Development Team. This was an exciting step as the opportunity to race world cup and to pursue my ultimate goals appeared within reach. Unfortunately, I joined the program with some nagging injuries and sustained further injuries while on the team. There were a few highlights, such as winning the national downhill title in 2014, but with limited training and race opportunities, I was not able to obtain the results necessary to advance within the Alpine Canada system.

The University of Utah

By 2015, after three frustrating years of injuries and missed opportunities, I reached the lowest point in my ski racing career. But at 19, there was no way I was going to throw in the towel! And since university was always in the cards for me, I looked to the NCAA system for an opportunity to ski race and to get educated at the same time. I had conversations with some great schools, but in the end I chose Utah and they chose me.

College ski racing gives us skiers the privilege of competing as an individual and as a team. In 2017 my teammates and I won the NCAA national championship. We all came together and achieved something great! It was hands down one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

During my first two years at Utah I was also able to improve my health, mature as a person and as an athlete and to requalify for the Canadian National C-Team.

2018... an Olympic year!

My plan was finally starting to take shape... Utah gave me a year off to pursue my olympic dreams and I had qualified to re-join Alpine Canada on the National C-Team.

But as the year began, I quickly realized that I was the only one who thought the Olympics were on my calendar. I had qualified for the C-Team, but their plan for me was to train with the development team and race out the season in North America on the Noram cup circuit. My devo team coaches and teammates were great, but this wasn't what I signed up for!

My only path to the Olympics was to win Norams, get some world cup starts, and then nail a couple of top 30 world cup finishes before February. The only problem was that I had never won a Noram and I had never started a world cup race!

Fortunately, after winning 6 Noram races in December across three disciplines, the coaches gave me world cup slalom starts in January where I finished 26th and 11th - I earned it! - I was headed to Korea!!

The Olympic Games

My experience...

The 2018/19 World Cup Season

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